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  • 1.Stiles will survive, but he will never be the same as before.

  • 2. Kira’s Mother is over 70 years old and she is a freaky copy of her daughter on her young age

  • 3.Lydia will have a major break through in mastering her talent.

  • 4.Derek will keep everyone way from Stiles , and he will do everything in his power to protect him , while Scott try to find another way to save him instead of killing him

  • 5.The Spanish Family Hunters will arrive to town by the end of episode 24.

  • 6.There is gonna be Big Fight take place in the Snow episode 3x24 , Scott Allison Kira Versus The Onis..

  • 7.The Twins will Leave town for good after they acknowledge the arrival of the Spanish Family Hunters.


    The major Death They’ve Been talking About is [ Isaac Lahey ] he will die on the hand of the hunters when they arrive and they will attack everyone who is a werewolf and the twins will leave town and the hunters will take Scott McCall , and move him to South America as a prisoner in the same house where derek and peter found Talia’s Claws in episode 2

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Peter and Derek Hale tied up, sweat, dirty, bloody but so attractive

Sans titre 2
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Ryan Kelley has booked an arc on MTV’s Teen Wolf as the newest member of Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department, young Deputy Sheriff Perish. He’ll assist Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) in uncovering the mysterious supernatural occurrences that plague the murder prone Northern California town before becoming part of the mystery himself.

Ryan kelley

And played a gay on "Prayers for Bobby" with Sigourney Weaver. 
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Look at him, he's si ...... in my bed now.

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Derek Hale is the padrino (the godfather) and Stiles is the undercover cops.


NC17 manip

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This Bitch !
OMG how you can see this show, i'm tired to see a gay couple in each show who is aired now.
"I'm tired of your homophic stupidity, you had 50 years of heternormativity on tv and movies, who BTW didn't reflected (because there were gays for centuries idiot) and doesn't reflected the society.  Stop to be an idiot or i slap you hard"
I lost a friend but my soul is very happy.
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It's all Gerard fault

He made Deucalion the way he’s now.

Fucking bastard, werewolves wanted peace.

Deucalion wasn’t a sociopath.

So the Argent killed Derek’s family and made a sociopath pack/

Well done. Who are the reals monsters

If Gerard didn't have do that Kali wouldn't have killed Boyd and Erica.

I want him to die slowly, more slowly that anything.

The episode was so great, love the parallels between Scott and Stiles, how they handle those two liars, Peter and Gerard.

Poor Derek, he can't have anything good in his life, we all know why he's like that, Paige, Kate, i really hope that Jennifer is just dumb and not evil, poor baby.

Mention again for Stiles, he cares about Derek, he really wants to understand and can feel a bullshit at 10 miles around, like Scott, it's a change for him, he's growning up.

God he's evil but how much i love Peter and specially the actor, Ian Bohen is just a wet dream for me.

Can't wait for more.
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The "Teen Wolf" panel at Comic-Con 2013 was only half full, but you wouldn't know that from the screaming. High pitched screaming frequently erupted, sometime during fan questions, sometimes during panelist answers, and pretty much all the way through the preview clip that aired. I think it's fair to say that the crowd was very, very receptive to anything the "Teen Wolf" crew had to say.

Executive producer Jeff Davis joined stars Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan O'Brien, Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, Tyler Houechlin and Charlie and Max Carver on the panel. Of the show's strong season three premiere, he admitted, "We definitely wanted to premiere in a big way. It was nice to see the ratings go up. It was nice to introduce the Alphas, our twins (the Carvers) here, but also bring back characters you love, like Scott and Lydia.

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About Dethan and Lydia/Aiden

The topic of gay characters came up, specifically Ethan and Danny's relationship. "I love that these characters exist in the same world," Charlie Carver explained. "Like, I like my guy and I'm going to protect him, and Jeff's treated that very well.

Davis added, "It's the idea that you can change, Ethan and Aidan are changed by the people they're falling for. It's a nice character arc to do, especially with the bad guys when they become good."

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I really love, love, love Peter Hale even if the man is a murderer and a sociapath at his hours !

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I want Ethan to really be in love with Danny, please, make him go to the right side. The ok side.


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