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Dom Derek is happy to collar his Sub Stiles

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01BDSM verse
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Derek Hale is the padrino (the godfather) and Stiles is the undercover cops.


NC17 manip

nudity under the cut  )
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It's all Gerard fault

He made Deucalion the way he’s now.

Fucking bastard, werewolves wanted peace.

Deucalion wasn’t a sociopath.

So the Argent killed Derek’s family and made a sociopath pack/

Well done. Who are the reals monsters

If Gerard didn't have do that Kali wouldn't have killed Boyd and Erica.

I want him to die slowly, more slowly that anything.

The episode was so great, love the parallels between Scott and Stiles, how they handle those two liars, Peter and Gerard.

Poor Derek, he can't have anything good in his life, we all know why he's like that, Paige, Kate, i really hope that Jennifer is just dumb and not evil, poor baby.

Mention again for Stiles, he cares about Derek, he really wants to understand and can feel a bullshit at 10 miles around, like Scott, it's a change for him, he's growning up.

God he's evil but how much i love Peter and specially the actor, Ian Bohen is just a wet dream for me.

Can't wait for more.
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I love any sterek moment but god it hurts. No like that.

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Go and vote, sterek mcshep, klaine, nagron, Kirt/Spock, Merthur, Mcdanno, nathan/jack....

Whatever is your or yours OTP(s)

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Manip made for RadioStatic and her AU mafia sterek fic
The right lie can seal your fate

The right lie can seal your fate by Radiostatic

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Au where Sterek is one of John's pilot and Derek is the new marine coming right from the sgc

Clic to see in large size

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