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My last art

Derek/Stiles and eventually Derek/Stiles/Dean


Link to the banner

Kuddos and comments are appreciate, thanks you.
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First all the links if you want to give a kuddo or let a comment.

Banner and Wallpaper mcshep and mcbeckett

Banner crossover NCIS, Marvel and Agents of the shield

Bruce Banner/Tony StarkPhil Coulson/Tony DiNozzo


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 If you want to move to France, this is the real deal.
Macron keeps his promises
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 Hello my friends i was out because i had a Myocardial infarction.

I was operate and have to rest a lot.

I'm tired, happy to be alive.

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 Don't know if you are aware but France is about to elect the next president.
Emmanuel Macron who is not my first choice is against the very right party of Marine LePen and damned if France is going to do a brexit and a Trump.

Obama officially supports Macron because he knows what can happen here and it's terryfing.

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France with the collaboration of a russian team do her own stargate movie.

With the MGM authorisation.

Trailer disponible and movie to air in September 2017

For amateurs it's kind of great and the off voice is the french voice of Rodney Mckay.

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 He's so adorable

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic
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 Now we wait. 
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Xavier was a proud gay man, he had a partern and they were about to adopt a little baby.
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 Killed by a terrorist in Paris yesterday.

Merci monsieur. Vous avez été brave.


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 Dylan O’Brien played as Mitch Rapp on the sneak peek of “American Assassin

Can't wait. 

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TW is a shitty show but there's some great eyes candies and those three, i love them.
The wolves and their spark.

My love for Ian and Peter is endless.

Rodney McKay will always be my fav but Peter is just right behind.

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The Shadowhunter and his powerful lover, damned i love them.
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 Sexy babies, miss just DOB to be perfect

Stargate fans know JR Bourne of course, Ian Bohen is the hottie on the left and Tyler is the babe in the center. 
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Little banners 500X281



More under the cut )


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